ZENESIS™ Carbon 2 Blade 16"

Introducing the groundbreaking ZENESIS™ Carbon 2 diamond blade, designed for superior performance in cutting critically hard sintered stones such as Dekton, Neolith, and Lapitec. Experience exceptional results even at high speeds, as these blades deliver a precision razor-sharp edge on both the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring unparalleled quality, especially during miter cutting. Crafted with the highest quality steel core and reinforced with plates to eliminate flexing and deflection during extended cuts, the ZENESIS™ Carbon 2 sets a new standard in durability and stability. This cutting-edge blade utilizes Sinterized Particle Tech to masterfully cut through ultracompact surfaces created by blending glass, porcelain, and quartz materials. These innovative countertops are the result of a unique fabrication process involving the fusion of raw elements at high temperatures and extreme pressure. Elevate your stone cutting experience with the ZENESIS™ Carbon 2 – where precision meets perfection in the stone industry.


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    • Designed For Superior Performance In Cutting Critically Hard Sintered Stones Such As Dekton, Neolith, And Lapitec.
    • Exceptional Results Even At High Speeds
    • Precision Razor-Sharp Edge On Both The Top And Bottom Surfaces
    • Highest Quality Steel Core
    • Reinforced With Plates To Eliminate Flexing And Deflection During Extended Cuts
    • Sinterized Particle Tech To Masterfully Cut Through Ultracompact Surfaces Created By Blending Glass, Porcelain, And Quartz Materials.

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