Weha Blue Countertop Protective Film - Caution Marked


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Weha Countertop Protection Film Caution Print Blue Wrap 2.5 ml x 25.5" x 600' RollMade for granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, travertine, limestone, ceramic, porcelain, and other countertops to protect it from damage.Weha countertop protection wrap has been made to assist fabricators in reducing liability from other trades after the counter tops have been installed. So many time we have seen other trades stand on, put ladders on, and use counter tops as their own personal workbench. Electricians, plumbers, appliance install crews, painters, etc. And when a scratch or damage occurs, no one takes responsibility. To help push responsibility back to the other trades, Weha has created a non bleeding, non staining, 4 layer, 2.5 mil countertop protection film with print in both English and Spanish that states:in English:CAUTION: DO NOT STEP, STAND, OR PLACE OBJECTS ON THIS SURFACE. In Spanish: Precaucion: NO SUBIRSE NI COLOQUE OBJETOS SOBRE ESTA SUPERFICIENow, you can warn any other trades and reduce your liability, or at least push it back to the GC, homeowner, or other trades.


  • Printed with White Letters to Make the Caution Information Stand Out
  • Non-Bleeding, Clear & Water Based Acrylic Adhesive to Keep Film on the Countertop
  • 25" Wide to Protect the Surface from Backsplash to Edge
  • Protects Entire Horizontal Surface
  • 2.5 ml Thickness for Better Countertop Protection than Thinner Options





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