Stone-Weld Flowing Epoxy 2:1, 3 Gallon Kit


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Stone-Weld clear flowing liquid epoxy adhesive was specifically formulated to laminate marble and granite stone to itself and other numerous surfaces. 2 Parts A to 1 Part B mixing ratio.

Stone-Weld flowing is a two-component mix, which is a combination of two portions of PART A, the Compound and one portion of PART B, the Hardener. These two components are close in viscosity that greatly assists in accurate measurement and also facilitates better mixing. The Hardener ingredient, PART B, is very light colored that allows for clear adhesive lines which almost disappear as opposed to the normal yellow honey color found in competitive glues.

Reaction curing time is very fast for an epoxy. Expect approximately three hours drying time at normal room temperature. Drying time will take longer in colder conditions and will be accelerated in very warm working conditions where the ambient temperature exceeds 80°F.


  • Only Here!
  • Marble & Granite Epoxy Adhesive
  • Fast Curing Time
  • Part B is Very Lightly Colored for Clear Lines
  • No Yellow Honey Color that is Found in Other Competitive Glues





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