FLEX 5 Inch Compact Single Speed Wet Polisher W/ Variable Speed


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The FLEX L 12-3 100 WET is single speed 0-3700 RPM designed for wet processing of granite, marble and other high-quality types of rock. The variable speed allows the users to match the speed of the accessory that it's working with. It features a built-in water feed and it comes standard with a GFCI cable.


  • Powerful 1150 Motor
  • High Torque for Maximum Material Removal and Optimum Surface Quality
  • Powder-Coated and Varnished Magnetic Pad for a Long Service Life, Thanks to the Additional Protection Against Wear and Abrasive Dust
  • Grip Hood for Easy Handling and Precise Working
  • Bail Handle: Secure Grip, even when Working on Vertical Surfaces
  • The Water Feed and Control System is Located Below the Housing, which Makes Operation Precise and Easy
  • Unobstructed Grip Area is Provided Directly Above the Backing Pad
  • 7 ft. Special Hose: No Additional Hose Safety Devices Required- Increases Flexibility, Reduces Weight and Prevents Risk of Injury From Hose Clips
  • Quick-Fit Brass Coupling: For 1/2" Water Hose
  • Spindle lock
  • GFCI Operator Protector Circuit Breaker: Integrated in Cord
  • Microprocessor Electronics: With Tachogenerator Constant Speed Control, Soft Start, Overload Protection and Speed Selection

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